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Metal Powders
for Additive Manufacturing
GE Aerospace

Our full powders portfolio was carefully developed and tested

to seamlessly fit into the Colibrium Additive ecosystem.
Combined with our proven parameters, our powders competitively provide
performance, quality and safety when used in our metal additive machines.
    GE Aerospace

    Powder selection

    Selecting powder is a key piece of establishing a business case. Powder can be a significant driver of final part cost and quality. Not all powders are created equal. Even if they meet the same chemical
    and particle size distributions, they may not act the same in the machine. For example:

    • Powder morphology is an important factor. It can drive flowability, spreadability, and packing characteristics within a machine.

    • Powders can affect surface roughness of final parts.

    • Powders with high amounts of existing porosity within individual powder particles can make their way into final parts, which is undesirable for material performance.

    Through the Advanced Plasma Atomization process, AP&C powders are produced in such a way to maximize performance, minimize the impact of the above and drive optimal performance in machines