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The M Line is more than just a single machine. It’s designed specifically for additive production and was developed around the need for quality, safety, and productivity. The differentiator is the modular machine design, which allows for economical series production, at scale.

The modular machine technology concept physically decouples the Laser Processing System (LPS) and the Material Handling Station (MHS) units used for upstream and downstream stages of the production process and part production.

These tasks can now be carried out in parallel and physically separate from one another saving you time and cost.
    Material Handling Station (MHS)

    The handling of material is based on an integrated powder cycle in the MHS under inert gas atmosphere (nitrogen or argon). It is combined with the concept of separated modules and an automated lid system to allow contactless and inerted powder handling during operation. The protective atmosphere also avoids aging of powder material caused by oxygen ingress and humidity. After a build job is complete, the lidded build and overflow modules are moved into the inerted MHS. The operator can remove powder from both modules with the suction lance. The used powder can be recovered and reprocessed by the integrated sieving station of the MHS and loaded into a new powder module if desired.

    Build volume

    500 x 500 x up to 400 mm (x,y,z)

    Laser Power

    3D optics with 4 x 400W fibre laser
    4 x 1kW fibre laser (in development) 

    Available Powders and Parameters

    Cobalt CoCrMo datasheet
    Nickel 718 datasheet
    A205 datasheet
    Stainless 316L

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