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GE Aerospace

Designed and optimized

in partnership with industry leading customers
With its superior part quality, usability, and repeatability, the M2 Series 5 is perfect for users at every level, whether they are entry-level users or creating parts for highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical.
    Capability packages for different levels of adoption

    The Concept Laser M2 Series 5 was designed to meet the most critical requirements by the highly regulated aerospace industry. But we believe that everyone, regardless of industry, region or where you are on your additive journey, should have access to these capabilities. As such, we now offer capability packages to meet the needs of more customers and help more users adopt additive technology.

    Ideal for entry-level users, standalone prototyping, or low volume production (available in 400W or 1000W)

    Ideal for full production applications (available in 400W or 1000W). Incorporating quality process monitoring add-ons and productivity tools.

    Build Size

    245mm x 245mm x 350mm (x,y,z)

    Ideal for entry-level users, standalone prototyping, or low volume production.

    Laser Power

    Available in 400W or 1000W

    A focus on making good parts


    For an entire year, teams from GE Additive and GE Aerospace co-located to collaborate on critical characteristics needed for the next iteration of the M2, the M2 Series 5. reliability and quality.

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    Available Powders and Parameters

    Stainless Steel 316L
    Stainless Steel 17-4PH
    Maraging Steel M300
    Aluminum AlSi7Mg
    Aluminum AlSi10Mg
    Aluminum A205
    remanium® star CL (CoCrW)
    Copper CuNi2SiCr (1kW)
    Tool Steel H13
    Tool Steel CR-PH
    Nickel 625
    Nickel 718
    Ti6Al4V Grade 23
    Ti6Al4V Grade 23 (1 kW)
    Titanium Ti6242
    Titanium cp-Ti
    rematitan® CL
    Cobalt CoCrMo
    Nickel X

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